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Erotic video chat konfetttttka
@sofar (Vacation) My name is Violetta, i m 22. Favorites (11,111,222,1111)
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Female, 22, Aquarius
Namekonfetttttka (KONFETKA_V, KONFETTTKA_VI, KONFETTTTTKA, VetkaKonfetka, ViolettkaKonfetka)
У меня 2 по географии, бомж, помоги денюшкай: D
Height (centimeter)162
Weight (kg)65
Breast sizeLarge
Ass sizeBig
Hair colorBrunette
Eye colorGreen
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@sofar (Vacation) My name is Violetta, i m 22. Favorites (11,111,222,1111)

@sofar (Vacation) My name is Violetta, i m 22. Lovense from 3tkn. Favorites (11,111,1111)

@sofar (Vacation) My name is Violetta, i m 22. Lovense from 1tkn. Favorites (11,111,1111)

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Heeyyy) my name is Violetta, favorite vibro (22,222,333) @remain


Erotic video chat with a life-giving coquette VetkaKonfetka

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